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OUR MISSION:  The West Shore Symphony Orchestra is a community of Central Pennsylvania musicians who join together for musical fulfillment in performing challenging classical repertoire to inspire, educate, and entertain audiences and enhance the cultural fabric of the region.

OUR VISION:  We see our orchestra poised to grow in size, scope, and impact.  We aim to challenge ourselves and our audiences with traditional and new repertoire, including commissions.  We are driven by a sense of responsibility to include and promote composers and soloists from diverse cultural backgrounds.  We envision becoming leaders in family concert innovation.  We seek to educate ourselves as well as our audiences about music, music history, musical form, and musical potential.  Above all, we strive to be a positive, inclusive, and dynamic influence in our community.

Our Board of Directors
Lori Elliott, President
Lee Sarka, Vice President
Jonelle Prethar Darr, Personnel
Beth Greenberg, Grants
Sue Northey, Treasurer
Vern Shearer, Production 


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