Our People


Message from Our Conductor

Thank you for your patronage and interest in the WSSO!  We are living in a most confusing, challenging, and overwhelming time.  We understand that each of us has a unique story and struggle.  The WSSO will consider the needs and safety of our community a priority as we navigate the 2020-21 season.   


A tribute to our colleagues and collaborators in the Capital Area Music Association,

and Sankofa African American Theatre Company

a conversation with Sharia Benn and Christyn Seay.

Interview with former WSSO soloists
NYC musicians describe their experiences and reflect on our circumstances 

Our Board of Directors

Lori Elliott, President

Lee Sarka, Vice President

Mark Dundore, Contract Writer

Tracy Evens, Member

Beth Greenberg,

Grant Writer, Secretary

Tanis Monroy, Marketing

Sue Northey, Treasurer

Vern Shearer, Production 

Janeanne Wantz, Personnel 

Welcome to our new
Board Member,
Tracy Evens!