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WSSO Diversity & Inclusion

Committee, Resources, Events, Personal Development

D&I Committee formed Fall of 2020 with the following basic charges

1. Discuss and informally assess the current state of inclusivity of the WSSO.

2. Report the results of these ongoing reviews to the WSSO Board.

3. Propose effective opportunities for conversations and/or activities centered on anti-racism (with the arts as a focal point). Some opportunities could be intended for WSSO members only, and some with members of other organizations.

4. Once proposals have been approved by the WSSO Board, this committee will assist in communication, implementation, & facilitation of anti-racism personal development opportunities as directed by the WSSO Board.

5. To serve as a supportive body and sounding board for WSSO musicians & staff for individual concerns involving inclusion in our organization.


Welcome events for new members and post-concert follow-ups with collaborators

BYO Dinner with clarinet soloist Sarah Eom

Meet & greet with Rick Benjamin, enrichment session surrounding Scott Joplin's "Treemonisha"

Meet & greet with composers Nancy Ives & Jerod Impichchaachaaha' Tate to discuss authenticity of voice.

Interview with composer Erin Graham, 2021 
click HERE for full interview
Local Directors discuss issues of race impacting our artistic communities
A tribute to Native musicians affiliated with the Carlisle Indian Industrial School, featuring "Cree War Dance" by Pejawah
WSSO Celebrates with our country's first nationally recognized Juneteenth holiday, 6/19/2021
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