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"Southern Hemisphear" June 17, 19, 20 Program

Caribbean Charisma

From Puerto Rico (via New York City)

"West Side Story Medley" by Leonard Bernstein, arr. Jack Mason

Stephen Sondheim's first big break was as lyricist in partnership with the great Bernstein on this iconic Broadway show, a 1950's Romeo & Juliet illuminating tension between Puerto Rican immigrants and other New York street gangs & families

From Cuba

"Mambo Tropical" by Alfredo Antonini and Samuel Russel

Imagine warm tropical breezes with this sensual dance of the Carribean.

Continental Cultures

From the American Southwest

"On the Trail" from the Grand Canyon Suite by Ferde Grofe, arr. C. Paul Herfurth

Let's bring back this orchestral standard in condensed version, featuring Concertmaster Margeaux Katz-Sgrignoli!  Ride the donkey down to the basin with us.

From the Deep South

"Blues in 6/8" by Milton Weinstein

The blues draw on traditions of spirituals, field hollers, and work songs of Black America in the 1880's.  On this weekend of Juneteenth we honor the traditions and cultural influence of enslaved Americans.

"Prairie Dog Rag" by Louis F. Jendras

Ragtime also finds roots in the southern US, especially New Orleans and other cities along the Mississippi River.  It was influenced by the syncopated rhythms of popular dances of the 19th century.  This particular rag of 1994 also has roots in the American Southwest in that it depicts the playful character of prairie dogs from Colorado.

Mexican Magnificence 

"The Children of Sanchez" by Chuck Mangione, Arr. Bob Phillips & Jerry Dennison

From the 1978 film about a man struggling with poverty and his children who struggle against his domineering nature.  Mangione won a grammy for his flugel horn performance of this catchy & energizing hit from the soundtrack.

"Over the Waves" by Juventino Rosas

You've definitely heard this famous waltz before!  Did you know it hails from Mexico City?  Juventino Rosas began an exciting career as a violinist and composer of salon music until his untimely death from an illness at age 26.  Our accordion soloist Marcos Krieger brings this charming waltz back to life.

"Baile de Lila" by Chris Thomas

Who can resist a Mariachi band?  Features our string section, guitarist Mark Swartz and WSSO trumpeters Dan Newhouser, Lee Sarka, and JP Kloske

South American Sensations

From Peru

"El Condor Pasa" Folk Song arranged by Gary Robert Buchanan

A simple, haunting tune made popular by Simon & Garfunkel in 1970

From Colombia

"Music from Encanto" by Lin-Manuel Miranda, arranged by Larry Moore

Enjoy four hit songs in this charming medley from the Disney 2021 film featuring songs by the sensational American composer with cultural roots in Puerto Rico.


From Argentina

"Tango" by John Paulson

Enjoy the dramatic tango, a dance form that united continents with its popularity!  We offer our own arrangement featuring accordion virtuoso Marcos Krieger.

  National Anthem of Ukraine  
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